Technical & administrative assistance:

Desert Cross Services is a technical and Administrative assistance service provider to oil and Gas companies, we have a proven record of providing manpower contracts services, we supplied personnel on a wide range of disciplines including engineers, supervisory and safety staff.

Oil field equipment & tools sourcing:

Some of the equipment
categories we typically deal in are: Chock Valves, Gate valves, Chock
manifolds, Stud Bolts, flanges, Electronic memory gauges, down hole shut in
tool, slick line tubing puncher SHP, side pocket memory gauges, industrial

DCS will provide you with
fast, efficient turnaround from receipt of your inquiry until delivery of your

Procurement and logistic support :

Desert Cross Services is a provider of procurement and logistic solutions to oil and Gas sector. We have the market knowledge and local contacts to provide customers with cost-effective and value-added solutions. Our Logistic Support Services includes the following:
Assist western companies in various fields by putting them in contact with local companies of good reputation.
Rental of mini camps with option of camp management for security and military camps (camp management includes, transport, installation, Maintenance, etc…).
Rental of vehicles and equipment.
Transport and rig moves with professional and experienced partners in the field.

Consulting and Business development:

With our high
expertise, we offer to the foreign investors a business establishment, market
intelligence, promotion of their products and services, better understanding of
the specificities of the Algerian market, full support and follow up from the
bidding process till payment.