DESERT CROSS SERVICES was created on 06/04/2010 and it’s a company who activates in the domain of the oil and gas Industry, provides foreign and national Operating companies several services, notably down whole electronic memory gauges’ rental.

With our highly experienced staff, we participate into the development and Performance of the productivity of oil and gas resources.
Among our services, we offer integrated Solutions and technical assistance to oil & gas companies who are looking for logistical support and highly qualified, experienced & multilingual key personnel to support their projects and achieve goals in the difficult desert environment of Algeria.
Our background is drilling Operations and drilling logistics with a long experience with international companies.


ISO 9001 VERSION 2015

 Quality Policy 

We participate in economic development by providing business skills resources.

Our success depends closely on our willingness and our managerial abilities to become the reference of services in skills, which will affirm our commitment without fault to our customers, our collaborators and interested parties.

Positioning ourselves as a leader in skills services is the path for our company in the medium term.
In order to mark this path, we adopt aquality policy according to ISO 9001 version 2015, which is based on the following axes:
To affirm our participation in the skills needs of companies.
 Improve our know-how. .
 To strive for the continuous improvement of our services, reconciling economic and social criteria.
Satisfy the applicable requirements of the standard ISO 9001 version 2015.
Put all the necessary means for the continuous improvement of the quality management system.
 Estimate regularly the efficiency of the quality management system.